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Supsters my unholy slaves,
Adria here again x3
Soooo I know I havent drawn anything for a lifetime now but I will make that up to u after school ends >_>
(Its a PAIN)

Anyways, this journal is about TAG
<da:thumb id="527052999"/>
I got tagged by my BELOVED (beloved with big B and all other letters xD ) :iconfabll:
1. Pick a character if someone didn't tell you to answer this with a special one.
2. Answer these questions like yer OC would answer them! If he/she is a notoric liar, then do that!!
3. Name this journal whatever you damn well want to!! If you're unsure about the title, name it "Hot Cheesesauce all over my body".
4. What's the fuzz about tagging people? We don't do it wether it's in the rules or not. So do whatcha like!
5. You can have fun or be completely uncool and grumpy while doing this. Might aswell say 'Have a mood and don't be a robot!!'

My bruh told me to use Lucius so here it comes:

1. How is a typical Morning with your family(if ya got one)?
First of all... I don't live with my family anymore. I am all grown up and I hated my dad ever since I can remember. 
But if I had to think about how it would be... one word: Silent.

2. What is a special talent you got, or something where you're very good at?
Well, my ctutie mark is a little dark-fashioned but what I'm really good at is pissing ponies off and even doing some harm every now and then.

3. Do you liek Waffles?(YES. VERY IMPORTANT.)
.... No.

4. Ever met a mythical creature or a demon?
Oh please, I am a mythical creature myself. But we can count this Discord guy in, I suppose that counts and I've met many demons on my way of life. (They are called mares, not demons)

5. Are you hitting on someone special?
Hitting on? Don't make me laugh. I don't hit on, I take. 

6. Got your own titlesong(for th creator, a special song that you're always listen to if you draw him/her?)

7. Know any questions? (Cause i don't know what to ask xD )

8. How is the weather where you're living?

9. So... well, I'll only ask one thing cause I am really bad at smalltalk... so how is a typical smalltalk with you?
Moon is the one to smalltalk, not me.

10. Got any scars that are remind you of something bad?
Many scars, but they don't remind me anything too bad worth mentioning.

.... Is that all? Thank goodness. I'm off.

SO yea, Im not a bee so I'm not tagging anyone. GIF My Little Pony - But I didn't listen! 

Cya :*
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  • Playing: Pokemon Soul Silver


AdriaXwolf's Profile Picture
My previous account was Foxfish!!!! :iconfoxfish:

Hey there boys and ladies. My name is Adria or simply Addy (My friend made up that nickname) and I am a modest artist from Slovakia, who isn't much popular. I don't need attention, I am happy the way I am and I mostly draw for fun, because I can't stand looking at blank paper or a small blank space. My excersise books for school are also filled with many sketches :D

I always enjoy fun and laughter. I love funny things that can make me rofl :rofl:

Mostly I only draw animals or human faces. I hate drawing human body or HANDS! I love drawing wolves and I am getting into lions in TLK style.
I was pretty much all about wolves before I found The magic of friendship. I (accidentally) started to watch MLP = My little pony and since the first video I started to draw them pretty often. When I found the group of bronies, I focused mostly on my MLP pictures and improving my drawing style for it as much as I could.

And that's about it ;P

:thumb330364147: :thumb327628820:
Made by: :iconazariadragon:

Gift from: :iconjennyhalvors: Made by :iconswiftwingoc95:
Gift: Makosa and Nuage by JennyHalvors If only you knew  ^.^ by swiftwingOC95 & friendship is magic by swiftwingOC95
Made by :iconfabll:

Made by :iconwolfsgesang: Made by: :iconspyrokim123456: Made by: :iconswiftwingoc95:
Pony Karaoke Evening [Arttrade with AdriaXwolf] by WolfsGesang merry Christmas 2012 by spyrokim123456For Adria Merry Christmas by swiftwingOC95

Made by: :iconfabll:
:thumb434015920: & :thumb434015661:

Made by: :iconchris9801:
Halp by chris9801

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Hey guys :3

I just hope u might wanna give me some spare points if u like :heart: I just gave all my 52 :points: To an artist in need. I asure u I will use them well. Mostly to help people out.

So thanks :) Every point counts.

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